BOLD was founded by Tihamér Tóth and Péter Tordai, both are heavily armed with 18+ years of experience in brand, business and creative strategy developments, delivered for companies like Unilever, Vodafone, Procter and Gamble, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom, VW, Raiffeisen, Telenor, MOL, Pfizer and many more. In 2015 they decided to create BOLD, with the vision to be more business focused than advertising agencies and more idea-driven than consulting companies.

What also makes BOLD unique is the firm believe that it is better to be in the value adding than in the resource-selling business.

Our people are working in close cooperation with clients to make their brands more future-compatible. They create purpose-lead strategies, that will give clear guidance to the brand-teams and sustainable, needbased brand acts (sometimes in the form of products or services) that will build long lasting brand-consumer relationship. As the passion for great communication ideas are part of BOLD’s DNA, the company delivers innovative campaign solutions too, but only for clients who are ready to change the status quo, and looking for brave, game-changing ideas.